Places to Distribute Your Branded Pens


Branded pens are commonly used as a marketing tool because they are easy to design and are cheaper than other forms of marketing. They are also easy to distribute and are functional. Here some of the places where you should distribute your branded pens:

Your company headquarters

Start from within. Disseminate the branded pens in your offices or branches. Remember that branded pens are not only promotional materials as they may also serve as rewards for your loyal clients or outstanding employees. You may offer a pen during a transaction, especially when a client is about to sign or complete some forms and ask him/her to keep it. You may also offer the branded pens to people who are just enquiring about your services, so that they may remember your company even after they have left.

Trade fairs

One of the best places (or events) to distribute your branded pens is in an event that allows entrepreneurs to showcase their products and services. Usually, people who go to these events are interested in the theme of the event, which means that there is a great possibility that they could be your future clients. You must also try to converse or greet the client when giving out the branded pens. That way, they will be able to incorporate a good impression of your brand.


This is the part of the city where you are able to see people from different walks of life which means your marketing strategy will be able to reach a wide range of demographics. Of course, being able to reach various people could open up a lot of opportunities for your company. You may consider installing a small post similar to trade fairs. If there are certain restrictions on marketing material distribution in the city, coordinate with local authorities and comply with their requirements.

Micromagnetics offers branded promotional products that come in various forms. You may choose from branded pens, calendar cards, magnets, key rings, clothing and more. If you are interested in our promotional products, please call 01993 773350… It would be good to talk with you.


Branded Keyrings from Micromagnetics

Branded keyrings are one of the most unique and popular promotional items. They can be personalised since you can include the logo of your company or organisation in them. They come in different sizes and styles. Here are the different types of branded keyrings from Micromagnetics:

p5 keyring

P5 Keyring

Overall size: 35mmx59mm

Insert size: 24mmx35mm

P5 is the most commonly used branded keyring. It is made from high quality acrylic plastic. It is ideally used for business promotions and giveaways for any type of occasion. P5 is strong and durable.

P5 Printed Plastic Keyrings

P5 Printed Plastic Keyrings

Overall size: 35mmx59mm

Insert size: 24mmx35mm

P5 printed plastic keyrings are made from high quality acrylic plastic that makes them long lasting. The information inserted in this ring is digitally printed on an FSC paper. Micromagnetics offers full colour, double sided printing. They also create artwork layouts and redraw designs upon request.

C1 Keyring

C1 Keyring

Overall size: 41mmx63mm

Insert size: 35mmx50mm

The C1 is a rectangular promotional keyring that is made from acrylic plastic. It provides a larger space for the image of the company or any information that you want to incorporate, compared to other types of keyring. You can put your designs on both sides.

Bottle Opener keyring

Bottle Opener keyring

Overall size: 47mmx97mm

Insert size: 40.25mx32mm

As its name suggests, it is a keyring and a bottle opener at the same time. It is a practical, portable tool that you can use at any time. It is customised to suit any logo or paper insert. The bottle opener keyring is also made from high quality acrylic plastic that provides a large image area.

G1 Printed Plastic Keyrings

G1 Printed Plastic Keyrings

Overall size: 37mmx57mm

Insert size: 30mmx50mm

This is a mid-sized keyring that comes in various stylish designs. The G1 can be re-opened. You can change your paper insert at any time as long as the keyring is in good condition.

L4 Keyring

L4 Keyring

Overall size: 55mmx95mm

Insert size: 45mmx70.5mm

The L4 is the largest keyring that Micromagnetics offers. It is a high quality, acrylic plastic keyring in a rectangular shape. It allows you to insert two images on each side that are both visible.

Shaped Printed Plastic Keyrings

Shaped Printed Plastic Keyrings

Overall size varies by shape

Insert size varies by shape

A high quality acrylic, customised keyring, it is available in various shapes such as heart, van, key, telephone, house, t-shirt, mobile phone, etc. It is suitable for all occasions and is commonly used for business promotions.

Keyrings are classic promotional materials. They are handy and stylish at the same time. If you want to use them for the benefit of your company or organisation, please call Micromagnetics on 01993 773350. You can also email us at

Reasons Why Branded Pens are Popular Promotional Materials


Companies tend to try unconventional marketing tools because of the evolving market trend but nothing really beats the classic promotional materials such as branded pens. They are commonly used to promote brands, organisations and companies for the following reasons:

Branded pens are useful.
A company can establish their brand by giving potential customers something that they can actually use every day. Pens are commonly used in offices, schools, restaurants, banks, etc. This means that the exposure they can secure will go a long way. Everybody uses pens – students, executives, professionals and even kids. Determine your target market before choosing the type of branded pen to use for your promotion. There are branded pens that are designed for global use, while others are designed specifically for executives and professionals. Choose the former if your target market is the general public.

Branded pens are easy to design.
Branded pens come in various designs, sizes and colours. Choose the type of branded pen that will reflect on the nature of your business. If the target market of your company is teens, choose colourful branded pens. On the other hand, if the target market of your company is professionals, choose black or silver covered pens. The company logo can also be printed on the pen, together with the contact details of the company or organisation. The tag line of your company can also be printed to grab the attention of potential customers.

Branded pens are handy.
Pens can be brought easily because of their size. They can fit almost everywhere including backpacks, handbags, sling bags, small purses, etc. They are good promotional materials because they can be carried anywhere and at any time. This means more exposure for the brand, organisation or company that is being promoted.

Branded pens are better than other promotional materials.
A branded pen is a smarter choice than leaflets and brochures. Although leaflets and brochures are very informative, pens are a longer serving and more effective promotional material. They can be used on a daily basis and branded pens are much cheaper than advertising on television, radio, in a newspaper, etc.

Micromagnetics offers a variety of high-quality branded pens with stylish designs. We also offer other promotional products such as branded mugs, branded key rings and bags. Please call 01993 773350 or send us an e-mail at with any enquiries.

Different Types of Branded Pens from Micromagnetics

Here are the various branded pens that are available from Micromagnetics:

  1. Dynamic Highlighter Penhighlighter pen

This dual purpose pen is ballpoint on one side and a yellow highlighter on the other. It is designed with coloured metallic barrels. It is a good promotional product for professional and serious industries like finance, insurance, vehicles and banks. The price of a Dynamic Highlighter pen starts at £55 per print, with a minimum order of 250 pieces.


  1. Curvy Pen

curvy pen

This type of branded pen is ideal for companies that cater to the general market like those from the food industry and health or medical industry. Curvy pens fit the personality of students and professionals because they are made in various colours. The loudly coloured pens are ideal for teenagers and the silver or black options for the professionals. The price of this branded pen starts at £26 per print, with a minimum order of 500 pieces.

  1. Calypso Pen

calypso pen

The Calypso is one of the most popular types of branded pens. With a big sleek white branding space, they come in different colours and are very affordable. Since the design of the Calypso pen is quite quirky, they are ideal for companies that are not too formal in nature. E.g. Barber shops, amusement parks, etc. This branded pen starts at £18 per print, for a minimum order of 1,000 pieces.

  1. Agent Stylus Pen

stylus pen

With a professional finish, this pen has a stylus tip that can be used on smart phones, tablets and e-readers. It also has a twistable coloured barrel with metallic styling. Agent stylus pens suit companies that focus on professional customers, like those that sell mobile phones and computers. Agent stylus pen starts at £48 per print, with a minimum order of 500 pieces.


  1. Enterprise Pen

enterprise pen

Top of the line, the Enterprise pens are simple and sleek, yet classy and appealing. This type of pen is excellent for high class companies that cater to the elite, including those that sell luxury homes, fancy cars, yachts, helicopters, etc. The cost of each Enterprise pen starts at £75 per print, with a minimum order of 250 pieces.


  1. Festival Eco Pen

eco pen

As the name suggests, the Festival Eco pen is made from biodegradable corn starch and is ideal for any eco-friendly promotions, programs or advocacies. They come in three standard colours: white, blue and red. Organisations and companies that are environmental advocates may use this type of pen as a giveaway or a material for awareness. Each Festival Eco pen costs £42 and the minimum order is 500 pieces.


Please call Micromagnetics on 01993 773350 with all your enquiries.



Recommended Promotional Products at Micromagnetics



Making use of promotional products is a great way to endorse a company’s name. At Micromagnetics, we manufacture various kinds of items for promotional purposes and gift ideas to enhance your marketing strategy.



Clothing is a common promotional item. T-shirts are known to be a classic way to gain brand awareness and visibility for your company. We offer T-shirts, polo shirts, business and sports shirts that can be used as promotional products.


Stationery Products

Stationery products like branded pens, files, folders and notebooks are also commonly used as promotional products. Writing instruments are perfect for carrying out promotions because they are actual functional items and are often needed by people.


Eco Bags

In the UK, printed bags have become popular for promotions as they can be reused as shopping bags. Fabulous as a ‘give away’ at trade shows, conferences and during corporate events, the eco bag is the perfect way to advertise your brand or services to the masses.



Currently in our top ten of most searched promotional products, mugs are widely used on a daily basis and can be used effectively to promote brands. We also have other drink ware products such as sports bottles and custom glasses.


Desktop Accessories

Promotional desktop accessories can be in the form of bespoke printed mouse mats, stress balls, sticky notes and customised coasters that market your brand. Becoming ever more popular, more and more people are using computers daily.


Calendar Cards

Calendar cards can be an inexpensive addition to the company’s annual promotional efforts. They can be distributed to employees and/or customers. They can be magnetic and in A4 and A5 sizes, with print on a single side or on both sides.


Fridge Magnets

Another inexpensive way to promote your growing business is through fridge magnets. These magnets are available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes.


If you still can’t find what you are looking for, we have other promotional products that are also available at Micromagnetics. To place your order or to discuss other promotional alternatives please call 01993 773350. We look forward to hearing from you!

5 Reasons Why Branded Keyrings are an Effective Promotional Tool

Why Branded Keyrings are an Effective Promotional Tool

Companies can’t simply rely on print, broadcast and online advertisements. Using promotional products like branded keyrings to capture the attention of their target audience, they can be distributed at company events or used as giveaways to their employees. When choosing a promotional product, you should consider your options carefully: the cost, usability, durability, etc. If you are looking for an effective promotional tool, a branded keyring would make the perfect choice. Here are the reasons why:

1. Useable

Keyrings are very usable and an effective way to promote your company. Gratefully received by a target audience of age 13 years and above, keyrings can cater to both men and women and are likely to be used on a daily basis for car keys, house keys, room keys and personal lockers. Some people even hang them on the zip of their bag.

  2. Low Cost

Branded keyrings are very affordable. In fact the price of 100 to 999 keyrings ranges from £35 up to £1,500. The cost would depend on the quantity and the style of the keyring that you choose. Hence, you can buy more branded products and disseminate them to more people.

     3. Encourage Creativity

Keyrings are usually transparent. They provide a space for printed promotional details about the company. Encouraging companies to be more creative with the picture and information that they include, this will help to grab the attention and interest of the target audience.

 4. Variety

Micromagnetics offers different kinds of keyrings to choose from. Be creative and design your own, with printed company details and the company logo. Alternatively, you can opt for plastic keyrings which are available in unique and quirky styles, including bottle opener keyrings and shaped keyrings.

5. Long lasting

Keyrings are an effective promotional product because they are exceptionally durable. They can last for decades. The perfect advertising tool, keyrings never go out of fashion. Just think how many people will get to know about your brand or your services over the years!

Purchase affordable and effective branded keyrings now for your company promotions and giveaways. Contact Micromagnetics for more details.

Celebrating your Company’s Anniversary

company anniversary

One of the best times of the year to make your brand the talk of the town is the company’s anniversary. Welcome another prosperous year for your company through using very effective promotional materials along with the usual advertisements. How could it be beneficial for your business? Read on and continue your company’s success for years to come.

Making the anniversary viral increases brand awareness.

Giving people different promotional materials that say something about the company’s anniversary increases brand awareness and establishes the brand’s credibility. People who are neither users nor buyers of your products or those who have not yet taken you up on any of your services will begin to realise that they can trust your company. Through your years of experience within the industry you will have established yourself within your market sector. By making the anniversary of your enterprise viral you could also attract other companies to partner with you. It could also get the attention of the media who could feature your celebration, offering free advertising in the process.

Looking for the most effective promotional material ideas?

The right kind of promotional products are essential to make your aim of increasing the brand’s market successful. The best promotional material ideas are those that cater to your target audience. If your market is anyone and everyone, choose handy and functional things that are generally used by everyone. Some of the most effective promotional tools include branded pens, bags, mugs, fridge magnets, desktop items and posters (placed in public places).

Let the public do the work for you.

Believe it or not, these promotional products will work wonders for your company in the long run. As we all know, people love taking pictures and uploading them to their social media accounts. Even if only 10 people upload one of your branded materials, the information about the company’s anniversary will be spread far and wide. Word of mouth will then play its crucial part and brand awareness will be achieved.

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