Custom Printed Pens as Promotional Product

There is a wide variety of products that you can choose from when it comes to selecting an effective promotional material. From mugs, calendar cards, fridge magnets and many more. But did you know that among the most popular promotional products in the United Kingdom are the branded pens? Pens are indeed effective promotional materials because they are very useful. We all use pen on a daily basis and this can only mean that it is an excellent tool to advertise or promote.

We, at Micromagnetics, always make sure that what we offer is the best in the market. In addition to this, we provide our clients with a carefully-sifted selection of pens to make it easier for them to choose the style that would represent their brand the most. Instead of having to choose from thousands of styles, we have narrowed down the list into six.


These six styles are considered the most popular pen options:


Curvy Pen – this is the top selling style when it comes to custom printed pen today. There is a lot of space for branding on this type of pen and it also comes in many colours.

Calypso Pen – this one is considered the most popular as it is one of the most affordable style, compared to others. It also has a large space for branding that makes it the ideal choice for many clients.

Dynamic Highlighter Pen – if you are looking for a dual purpose pen, then this is the perfect pen for you. One end of this is a regular ballpoint pen, while the other end is a bright yellow marker. Its metallic body makes it more eye-catching and interesting to look at.

Agent Stylus Pen – this plastic pen, as its name implies, has a stylus tip. It also comes in different hues and is perfect to use with smartphones, tablets and others that may require a stylus tip.

Enterprise Pen – this style is considered as most professional looking among our selection of custom printed pens. With its sleek style and shiny metal barrel, you will surely have a quality promotional product to boot.

Festival Eco Pen – this style is the ideal product for eco-friendly promotions. This pen is made from biodegradable corn starch and it is also available in three different colours.


No matter which style of pen you choose, you can be sure that using custom printed pens as a form of promotional tool is very effective. Aside from being stylish, it is also very valuable, making it an ideal product for any advertisement.


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