Fridge Magnets at Micromagnetics

When we talk about promotional materials, a lot of items can come into mind. Among these are pens, calendar cards, cups, clothing, bags, magnets and many others. These items are used as a way to promote a brand or a service. Most of the time, the materials chosen to advertise are those that can actually be used by the recipients in their daily lives – this makes the promotion even more effective.

We all know that among these things, fridge magnets are one of the best promotional products. They are affordable, stylish and durable. Perhaps one of the reasons why it is a very popular choice to businesses is because of its ability to advertise without trying too much. Once the recipient puts it on their fridge door, then you are certain that your brand shall be promoted, as long as it stays there for everyone to see.

At Micromagnetics, we offer a wide variety of promotional magnets that you can choose from. We also have great options to those on a budget, without compromising quality, of course. For example, the unit price of fridge magnets range from £ 0.16 to £ 1.48. The price depends on the size of the magnets and the number of pieces that you want to order. The minimum quantity that you can order is 100 pieces, regardless of what design or style you want.

Below are samples of the fridge magnets available at Micromagnetics. Each can have its own unique design based on your preferences, provided that you make early arrangements for artwork approval.

55x85mm Flexible Fridge Magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.16 to £ 1.18 per piece.

90mm Circle Flexible Fridge Magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.25 to £ 1.31 per piece.

Square Fridge Magnet 50x50mm – This magnet costs from £ 0.12 to £ 1.14 per piece.

140×95 mm Calendar Fridge magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.38 to £ 1.48 per piece.

I Phone 4 116x59mm Fridge Magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.21 to £ 1.24 per piece.

House 01 Flexible Fridge Magnet 50x75mm – This magnet costs from £ 0.12 to £ 1.08 per piece.


We offer over 300 different shapes and designs. Usually, the delivery of items do not exceed more than 15 working days from artwork approval. For better customer service, we, at Micromagnetics, make sure that we are able to deliver up to 500,000 units within 15 working days, if needed.


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