Why Are Fridge Magnets Perfect Promotional Products?

A fridge magnet has been used as a promotional material for many years. They are proven to be effective in their intended purpose that many businesses choose them over and over again.  They are flexible tools that provide any brand a chance to be marketed without costing too much. If you are looking for a good marketing tool, without going over your budget, then fridge magnets are definitely perfect.

Fridge magnets are affordable. If you want a promotional material that will not cost you a fortune, then a fridge magnet is a good choice. The total costs would depend on the size of the fridge magnet and the number of unit that you want to order. The unit price of fridge magnets range from £ 0.16 to £ 1.48.

Fridge magnets are durable. One advantage of using fridge magnets as a promotional tool is that they can last for years! They do not fade easily and they are less prone to being broken compared to other things. They are durable enough to retain your brand and to continue promoting for a longer period of time.

Fridge magnets stay where they are. Unlike giving away small tokens that can be easily lost, fridge magnets are great because they stay in one place – on the door of your fridge. They are very effective this way because they are always seen. If you use fridge magnets to promote, then the recipients will surely remember your brand through constant reminder from their own fridge.

Fridge magnets are useable. Aside from acting as a decoration to your fridge, fridge magnets are also great for holding-up important papers such as monthly bills, family notes, pictures and others. They can be helpful in organising these things on the door of your fridge, to avoid a cluttered look.

Fridge magnets are stylish. A lot of people collect fridge magnets because they are stylish. Some travellers even choose fridge magnets as a souvenir to remember each place they have visited. One reason fridge magnets are great is because their design and style are flexible. Depending on your brand, you can choose a unique layout to showcase your label even better.


There are many reasons why fridge magnets are very popular promotional materials. They are durable, stylish and constant. These are the three main qualities that make them very effective tools in the field of advertising.



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