Creative Magnet Designs at Micromagnetics

When it comes to promotional products, magnets are definitely among the top choices. Not only are they affordable, magnets are also effective promotional material. It is common for recipients of magnets to put them on the fridge as a decoration and sometimes for securing notes or bills as well.  The advantage of choosing fridge magnets is that they are durable and they simply stay where they are – this means once your brand is placed up there, visitors may see it at any time of the day. This is a great opportunity for any business that’s looking for a cheap, yet quality promotional item.

Why choose Micromagnetics?

For branded promotional products like magnets, Micromagnetics is the go-to company in the United Kingdom. With 10 years of magnetic expertise, the company can offer a wide variety of magnets that will definitely suit your brand and meet all your specifications. The all things magnetic experts at Micromagnetics take great pride in their creative and high quality products. With their unrivalled services which come highly recommended, a quick turnaround is guaranteed.

Magnet Designs

Through the years, Micromagnetics has accumulated more than 300 standard shapes to offer the client. The designs on offer include:

  • Rectangle – these are magnetic business cards that can be made to contain a professional image of your company, together with your contact details.
  • Houses – if you are looking for an eye-catching magnet design that is ‘friendly’ and easy to relate to any business or service, then house shaped magnets are the perfect option.
  • Vehicles – these van shaped magnets are fun and would suit businesses related to vehicles or those that make use of vans.
  • Calendars – these calendar cards are considered flexible fridge magnets with a larger space for communication purposes.
  • Mag Pads – one of the best-selling products at Micromagnetics, these mag pads are the combination of a durable magnet twinned with the practicality of a notepad. This product, innovated by Micromagnetics, is unrivalled and proves to be highly effective promotional material.
  • Shaped – other unusual and creative shapes are also available at Micromagnetics. Some of these include telephone shape, arrow shape, wine bottle shape, heart shape and many more!


Micromagnetics is not just your everyday promotional magnet supplier.  With special ‘’Save the Date’’ magnets for christenings, weddings, birthdays or memorial we are sure to have the perfect magnet for you.  It’s time to use your magnetic charm!



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