Fridge Magnets – Useful Tools or Toys for Children

Those little fridge magnets decorating your fridge are not only limited to making it look nicer – in fact, with just a bit of imagination and know-how, fridge magnets can be turned into exceptional tools and fun toys for your children. Just look at the ideas below and contribute if you have any other ingenious ways for using magnets:


Decorate anything that’s metallic or magnetic – Don’t reserve their magnetism solely for refrigerators! Fridge magnets can be put anywhere as long as it’s metallic or magnetic, making them extremely useful for decorating metal bed posts, slow ceiling fans and magnetic whiteboards. Your kids will definitely love their new look, and you’ll love them as well because they can be easily removed without making a mess. However, always remember to keep magnets as far away as possible from sensitive devices like computers and monitors because magnets will most likely damage them.

Display their drawings and accomplishments – One of the classic ways to use fridge magnets is by attaching their drawings to the refrigerator, proudly displaying it to all who passes by. If they’ve won any awards, you can attach them without damaging by using magnets. Your children will appreciate it, and you can bask in your children’s creativity.

Use them with magnetic whiteboards for maximum effect – Make magnets even more useful with a magnetic whiteboard in hand (or attached to a wall). It’s a great place for putting up projects, homework, and to-do lists without fussing about with tape, and the perfect opportunity to teach them about being organised.

Play a game using magnets – With some imagination, magnets can be used in a variety of games like checkers and tic-tac-toe. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even create a unique game of your own.

Use it for “drawing” and teaching – With a fridge or a magnetic whiteboard, anything can be turned into a canvass for future artists, or awesome teaching tools, particularly for some special magnets like the ones modelled after the alphabet.


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