Why Choose a Functional Promotional Material like Branded Pens?

Come to think of it. More functional gifts are used more often than disposable or simply displayable ones; same as with promotional materials. Companies that produce more handy and useable promotional things are more remembered. The promotional stunt of the company with the use of items should not stop upon distribution. The more useful the items are, the more they will be for keeps.

One of the most classic yet very functional promotional pieces is branded pens. People in all classes and locations use pens on a daily basis. Whether your target audience are students, employees, businessmen, or even house buds, they would love to receive free branded pens. Choose a classic style of pen with a variety of colours to fit everyone’s taste if your company or office has a general target market.


If your target market are the students, better choose Calypso pens with different colours. Preteens and teens love trendy stuff with playful colors that’s why they would really keep your printed Calypso pens. Another option for all student levels is a dynamic highlighter pen. Students use highlighters more often than any other groups because of their exam reviewers and books.


On the other hand, if your target market covers professionals and businessmen, it would be perfect to choose Agent Stylus Pens or Enterprise Pens. Agent Stylus pens are simply colourful with stylus at the end – suitable for people who necessarily use smart phones and tablets on a day-to-day basis. Enterprise pens are also to be considered because of its very elegant and business-like style. More professionals prefer the Enterprise Pens because they are top of the line.


                When talking about the general public, it is best to choose Curvy Pens or Festival Eco Pens. Curvy Pens are classically styled pens that never go out of style. Choose a variety of colours and for sure your branded pens will be very visible in schools, offices, establishments, and elsewhere. Festival Eco Pens are perfect if your company or office has an environmental advocacy since they are made from biodegradable cornstarch. You just don’t promote your brand but you also contribute to the conservation of our nature. Festival Eco Pens also have three variations of colors that make them more desirable for often usage.

All these 6 types of pens have a variety of prices depending on the materials used for them. However, there is no need to worry because Micromagnetics offers very low prices for your printed pens. Promotional materials should not simply be beneficial to the company or office but also to the people who would receive them.

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