5 Reasons Why Branded Keyrings are an Effective Promotional Tool

Why Branded Keyrings are an Effective Promotional Tool

Companies can’t simply rely on print, broadcast and online advertisements. Using promotional products like branded keyrings to capture the attention of their target audience, they can be distributed at company events or used as giveaways to their employees. When choosing a promotional product, you should consider your options carefully: the cost, usability, durability, etc. If you are looking for an effective promotional tool, a branded keyring would make the perfect choice. Here are the reasons why:

1. Useable

Keyrings are very usable and an effective way to promote your company. Gratefully received by a target audience of age 13 years and above, keyrings can cater to both men and women and are likely to be used on a daily basis for car keys, house keys, room keys and personal lockers. Some people even hang them on the zip of their bag.

  2. Low Cost

Branded keyrings are very affordable. In fact the price of 100 to 999 keyrings ranges from £35 up to £1,500. The cost would depend on the quantity and the style of the keyring that you choose. Hence, you can buy more branded products and disseminate them to more people.

     3. Encourage Creativity

Keyrings are usually transparent. They provide a space for printed promotional details about the company. Encouraging companies to be more creative with the picture and information that they include, this will help to grab the attention and interest of the target audience.

 4. Variety

Micromagnetics offers different kinds of keyrings to choose from. Be creative and design your own, with printed company details and the company logo. Alternatively, you can opt for plastic keyrings which are available in unique and quirky styles, including bottle opener keyrings and shaped keyrings.

5. Long lasting

Keyrings are an effective promotional product because they are exceptionally durable. They can last for decades. The perfect advertising tool, keyrings never go out of fashion. Just think how many people will get to know about your brand or your services over the years!

Purchase affordable and effective branded keyrings now for your company promotions and giveaways. Contact Micromagnetics for more details.


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