Reasons Why Branded Pens are Popular Promotional Materials


Companies tend to try unconventional marketing tools because of the evolving market trend but nothing really beats the classic promotional materials such as branded pens. They are commonly used to promote brands, organisations and companies for the following reasons:

Branded pens are useful.
A company can establish their brand by giving potential customers something that they can actually use every day. Pens are commonly used in offices, schools, restaurants, banks, etc. This means that the exposure they can secure will go a long way. Everybody uses pens – students, executives, professionals and even kids. Determine your target market before choosing the type of branded pen to use for your promotion. There are branded pens that are designed for global use, while others are designed specifically for executives and professionals. Choose the former if your target market is the general public.

Branded pens are easy to design.
Branded pens come in various designs, sizes and colours. Choose the type of branded pen that will reflect on the nature of your business. If the target market of your company is teens, choose colourful branded pens. On the other hand, if the target market of your company is professionals, choose black or silver covered pens. The company logo can also be printed on the pen, together with the contact details of the company or organisation. The tag line of your company can also be printed to grab the attention of potential customers.

Branded pens are handy.
Pens can be brought easily because of their size. They can fit almost everywhere including backpacks, handbags, sling bags, small purses, etc. They are good promotional materials because they can be carried anywhere and at any time. This means more exposure for the brand, organisation or company that is being promoted.

Branded pens are better than other promotional materials.
A branded pen is a smarter choice than leaflets and brochures. Although leaflets and brochures are very informative, pens are a longer serving and more effective promotional material. They can be used on a daily basis and branded pens are much cheaper than advertising on television, radio, in a newspaper, etc.

Micromagnetics offers a variety of high-quality branded pens with stylish designs. We also offer other promotional products such as branded mugs, branded key rings and bags. Please call 01993 773350 or send us an e-mail at with any enquiries.


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