5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Using Promotional Materials for your Business

Promotional materials are basically items that businesses use in order to draw the interest of possible clients. They are also used to increase brand awareness and of course, to ultimately promote as long as possible. Things that are commonly used as promotional materials include pens, shirts, pins, fridge magnets, bags, cups and many others. These items are customised and they usually bear the name and logo of the business or brand that they promote.

Some people might ask, ‘Why do you have to use promotional materials?’, or ‘How effective is it, anyway?’ No matter how sceptical some people are about them, promotional materials really work.

  1. They are a great way to introduce a brand. For potential customers, receiving a ‘freebie’ that they find useful or beautiful gives them a somewhat sense of feeling that they should reciprocate by doing business with that company at least once. If the service or products are good, then it is highly possible that the customer will return again. In this situation, the promotional products are used as a way to commence business.
  2. They are attractive. Promotional materials are often stylish in design and who wouldn’t want one? For instance, if a recipient keeps on using a promotional pen because it has a very interesting design and it has great quality, then it is very likely that more people will see it. This is what companies strive to achieve – they want more people to be aware of their brand and to gain more customers in the process.
  3. They are durable. Looking for a marketing plan that can last for a long time without the added cost? The answer is promotional materials. Unlike other forms of advertisement that only last for some months, these promotional materials are things that can actually be used over and over again. They last for a long time and are therefore great for promoting any brand.
  4. They are perfect to build a great image. Building an image can take a lot of time. A lot of companies invest in this task. But did you know that it is also possible to achieve the same result through promotional materials? According to a study that was conducted before, people who received promotional items could remember the name of the company who gave it to them. This recognition, coupled with gratitude, is one of the best ways to be remembered by customers.
  5. They are for everyone. One of the best characteristics of promotional products is that they are versatile. It does not matter who the target audience is because they all appeal to everyone, regardless of age, race or gender.    

Based on a research conducted in 2008, the top promotional products in the UK include the following: pens, clothing, umbrellas, USB, mugs and leather items. Promotional materials are not very expensive compared to other methods of marketing like print ads or TV commercials, but they are, no doubt, effective and practical.


Promote Through Materials

One way to effectively reach your company’s internal and external public is by producing promotional materials. However, picking the right materials to be given out is a little tricky. Since your company will spend an amount of money for the mass production of the materials, picking the best promotional materials should be thoroughly contemplated.

Here are a few considerations in picking the right promotional material:

  • Budget.  Are you planning to produce hundreds of materials or only a few that will be given to a few special people? It would cost you less if the products will be offered in a wholesale price.
  • Goal. What is your reason for giving out promotional materials? Special occasions such as company anniversary, Christmas, etc. are just a few of the celebrations that would logically fit your reason for giving promotional materials. Another good reason for giving out promotional materials would be the launch of your company’s newest products or services. Such can also be used as corporate gifts. Your company’s employees would also be happy to receive an incentive in the form of your company’s promotional materials.
  • Material itself. After considering your goal and budget, things will eventually boil down to the main question – what will be your promotional material? Do not forget to think that your competitors will most likely give out something to your clients as well. You need to think out of the box. Consider a unique item that will be beneficial to you in terms of brand retention and beneficial to your clientele in terms of use.

It also good to take note that a good promotional material can:

  • Encourage company loyalty to both employees and clienteles
  • Increase brand retention
  • Generate customer referrals
  • Promote brand awareness

Things that people use in a daily basis will be a good promotional material. Branded pens, pencils, papers and calendars are just few of the things that working people normally need and use every day. Such can also be passed through to different people or companies. A magnetic product that is best used for light posting is also a good idea. Remember that a good promotional product matters in increasing your company’s brand awareness. Brand awareness means great sales.

Our company, Micromagnetics, has been providing good promotional materials in the UK for the past 10 years. Our bespoke products are crafted according to your company’s goal, budget and idea of a good promotional material. With that being said, we also offer the best advice to our customers regarding the best promotional material to use in any marketing application.

We have a variety of products to choose from that can tap all your goals may it be encouraging company loyalty, increasing brand retention, generating customer referrals or promote brand awareness.

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