Brand Awareness: How to Achieve in 5 Simple Steps

BRAND shaped label on price tag

Your brand is everything. It is your business identity, the welcome sign that will lead your customer to your doors. That is why it is highly important to create brand awareness not just on line but offline as well. This will enable you to grab your market as effective and fast as possible. Promotional products can help you promote brand awareness without choosing traditional advertising. Here are some ways on how you can promote brand awareness for your brand.

  It promotes good reputation for your business

Having a good reputation is an important tool to inculcate your brand to your target market and clients. If presented well and in high quality, it will have an effect on them. People will remember good service provided to them. If you want to make an impact, how about donating branded pens, notebooks, crayons and other educational products with your brand on it to local schools? You can also support organisations and clubs that support your locality. This can be a good way of providing service.

Improve current services and products

As your business grows, so are your products and services should be. Continue to improve what you are trying to sell to your customers. Add a little extra without adding cost. You can also add extra or new features. This will increase customer satisfaction leading to loyalty. Remember that your customers are your walking “advertisers”. If you do well or if they are happy with what they get from you, they will also share that information to others.

Take an effort to retain current and past customers

Some businesses have the contact information of current and past customers. Stay in touch with them by sending promotional products, inviting them to product launch and events. You can send them branded pens, clothing, fridge magnets, bags, calendar cards or anything you have in mind that has your brand imprinted on it. This is a good way also to build solid relationships with them.

Feature new services and products

Joining trade events is a good example on how you can promote your brand in your local community. This is a good avenue to showcase your new products and services. You can also distribute flyers and other promotional products at these events.

Encourage your employees

Before handing out to customers and clients, you should give out promotional products and branded items to your employees first. They can give it to friends and family members. Collective efforts of each can help you with your brand awareness. They can also help with the design if they wish to. Additionally, they can also give insights on what can be improved to these items.

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Fridge Magnets – Useful Tools or Toys for Children

Those little fridge magnets decorating your fridge are not only limited to making it look nicer – in fact, with just a bit of imagination and know-how, fridge magnets can be turned into exceptional tools and fun toys for your children. Just look at the ideas below and contribute if you have any other ingenious ways for using magnets:


Decorate anything that’s metallic or magnetic – Don’t reserve their magnetism solely for refrigerators! Fridge magnets can be put anywhere as long as it’s metallic or magnetic, making them extremely useful for decorating metal bed posts, slow ceiling fans and magnetic whiteboards. Your kids will definitely love their new look, and you’ll love them as well because they can be easily removed without making a mess. However, always remember to keep magnets as far away as possible from sensitive devices like computers and monitors because magnets will most likely damage them.

Display their drawings and accomplishments – One of the classic ways to use fridge magnets is by attaching their drawings to the refrigerator, proudly displaying it to all who passes by. If they’ve won any awards, you can attach them without damaging by using magnets. Your children will appreciate it, and you can bask in your children’s creativity.

Use them with magnetic whiteboards for maximum effect – Make magnets even more useful with a magnetic whiteboard in hand (or attached to a wall). It’s a great place for putting up projects, homework, and to-do lists without fussing about with tape, and the perfect opportunity to teach them about being organised.

Play a game using magnets – With some imagination, magnets can be used in a variety of games like checkers and tic-tac-toe. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even create a unique game of your own.

Use it for “drawing” and teaching – With a fridge or a magnetic whiteboard, anything can be turned into a canvass for future artists, or awesome teaching tools, particularly for some special magnets like the ones modelled after the alphabet.

Creative Magnet Designs at Micromagnetics

When it comes to promotional products, magnets are definitely among the top choices. Not only are they affordable, magnets are also effective promotional material. It is common for recipients of magnets to put them on the fridge as a decoration and sometimes for securing notes or bills as well.  The advantage of choosing fridge magnets is that they are durable and they simply stay where they are – this means once your brand is placed up there, visitors may see it at any time of the day. This is a great opportunity for any business that’s looking for a cheap, yet quality promotional item.

Why choose Micromagnetics?

For branded promotional products like magnets, Micromagnetics is the go-to company in the United Kingdom. With 10 years of magnetic expertise, the company can offer a wide variety of magnets that will definitely suit your brand and meet all your specifications. The all things magnetic experts at Micromagnetics take great pride in their creative and high quality products. With their unrivalled services which come highly recommended, a quick turnaround is guaranteed.

Magnet Designs

Through the years, Micromagnetics has accumulated more than 300 standard shapes to offer the client. The designs on offer include:

  • Rectangle – these are magnetic business cards that can be made to contain a professional image of your company, together with your contact details.
  • Houses – if you are looking for an eye-catching magnet design that is ‘friendly’ and easy to relate to any business or service, then house shaped magnets are the perfect option.
  • Vehicles – these van shaped magnets are fun and would suit businesses related to vehicles or those that make use of vans.
  • Calendars – these calendar cards are considered flexible fridge magnets with a larger space for communication purposes.
  • Mag Pads – one of the best-selling products at Micromagnetics, these mag pads are the combination of a durable magnet twinned with the practicality of a notepad. This product, innovated by Micromagnetics, is unrivalled and proves to be highly effective promotional material.
  • Shaped – other unusual and creative shapes are also available at Micromagnetics. Some of these include telephone shape, arrow shape, wine bottle shape, heart shape and many more!


Micromagnetics is not just your everyday promotional magnet supplier.  With special ‘’Save the Date’’ magnets for christenings, weddings, birthdays or memorial we are sure to have the perfect magnet for you.  It’s time to use your magnetic charm!



One of the most important things that businesses try to protect and preserve is their brand. It is the brand that determines that types of products or services that a business offers, including the overall packaging or presentation. Some would say that branding is everything because it is a big factor when it comes to attracting consumers. Depending on your brand, your business will either thrive or fail.

Deciding on what promotional material to use is also crucial in maintaining whatever brand businesses establish. Aside from establishing a brand, preserving or sticking to it is equally important. To help you find the most suitable promotional material for your business, here are some tips for you to consider.

Budget – the first consideration that businesses consider is the amount of money that will be spent on promotions and marketing. It is much easier to choose if the allotted fund is considerable, but if there is a limited budget then being creative will definitely go a long way. Among the most affordable, but effective promotional materials include pens, fridge magnets, cups, shirts and many others.

Suitability – Effective marketing and promoting is not just about having something to give away to people. Remember that the promotional tool to be used must somehow be related or suited to the brand of the business. It is easy to choose a material and stamp a business name on it, but this can be a waste of time and money, if it’s not well-thought of and not suited to what that brand is trying to promote.

Relevant – It is best if the materials to be used for promotion are relevant items, or things that people actually use on a regular basis. If a material is something that many deem as useless, then all the efforts a business put into promoting will be for nothing. Besides, if a material is useful then it will be more effective as a marketing strategy.

There are many things to think about, when it comes to choosing a promotional material that will be coherent with the brand of a business. A business must be strategic in order to maximise their resources and to ensure that their promotional materials are high quality, without being too costly, and highly effective.

Why Are Fridge Magnets Perfect Promotional Products?

A fridge magnet has been used as a promotional material for many years. They are proven to be effective in their intended purpose that many businesses choose them over and over again.  They are flexible tools that provide any brand a chance to be marketed without costing too much. If you are looking for a good marketing tool, without going over your budget, then fridge magnets are definitely perfect.

Fridge magnets are affordable. If you want a promotional material that will not cost you a fortune, then a fridge magnet is a good choice. The total costs would depend on the size of the fridge magnet and the number of unit that you want to order. The unit price of fridge magnets range from £ 0.16 to £ 1.48.

Fridge magnets are durable. One advantage of using fridge magnets as a promotional tool is that they can last for years! They do not fade easily and they are less prone to being broken compared to other things. They are durable enough to retain your brand and to continue promoting for a longer period of time.

Fridge magnets stay where they are. Unlike giving away small tokens that can be easily lost, fridge magnets are great because they stay in one place – on the door of your fridge. They are very effective this way because they are always seen. If you use fridge magnets to promote, then the recipients will surely remember your brand through constant reminder from their own fridge.

Fridge magnets are useable. Aside from acting as a decoration to your fridge, fridge magnets are also great for holding-up important papers such as monthly bills, family notes, pictures and others. They can be helpful in organising these things on the door of your fridge, to avoid a cluttered look.

Fridge magnets are stylish. A lot of people collect fridge magnets because they are stylish. Some travellers even choose fridge magnets as a souvenir to remember each place they have visited. One reason fridge magnets are great is because their design and style are flexible. Depending on your brand, you can choose a unique layout to showcase your label even better.


There are many reasons why fridge magnets are very popular promotional materials. They are durable, stylish and constant. These are the three main qualities that make them very effective tools in the field of advertising.


Fridge Magnets at Micromagnetics

When we talk about promotional materials, a lot of items can come into mind. Among these are pens, calendar cards, cups, clothing, bags, magnets and many others. These items are used as a way to promote a brand or a service. Most of the time, the materials chosen to advertise are those that can actually be used by the recipients in their daily lives – this makes the promotion even more effective.

We all know that among these things, fridge magnets are one of the best promotional products. They are affordable, stylish and durable. Perhaps one of the reasons why it is a very popular choice to businesses is because of its ability to advertise without trying too much. Once the recipient puts it on their fridge door, then you are certain that your brand shall be promoted, as long as it stays there for everyone to see.

At Micromagnetics, we offer a wide variety of promotional magnets that you can choose from. We also have great options to those on a budget, without compromising quality, of course. For example, the unit price of fridge magnets range from £ 0.16 to £ 1.48. The price depends on the size of the magnets and the number of pieces that you want to order. The minimum quantity that you can order is 100 pieces, regardless of what design or style you want.

Below are samples of the fridge magnets available at Micromagnetics. Each can have its own unique design based on your preferences, provided that you make early arrangements for artwork approval.

55x85mm Flexible Fridge Magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.16 to £ 1.18 per piece.

90mm Circle Flexible Fridge Magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.25 to £ 1.31 per piece.

Square Fridge Magnet 50x50mm – This magnet costs from £ 0.12 to £ 1.14 per piece.

140×95 mm Calendar Fridge magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.38 to £ 1.48 per piece.

I Phone 4 116x59mm Fridge Magnet – This magnet costs from £ 0.21 to £ 1.24 per piece.

House 01 Flexible Fridge Magnet 50x75mm – This magnet costs from £ 0.12 to £ 1.08 per piece.


We offer over 300 different shapes and designs. Usually, the delivery of items do not exceed more than 15 working days from artwork approval. For better customer service, we, at Micromagnetics, make sure that we are able to deliver up to 500,000 units within 15 working days, if needed.

Picking your Promotional Materials

Many forms of advertising serve as boulevards for companies to reach their target audiences. Traditional marketing would require you to make use of TV, radio, print and web. This is seriously pricey and unfeasible for budding entrepreneurs, most especially to those who cater only to a specific place. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs can still advertise without TV, radio, print and web — and that is through handing out promotional materials to their prospective clients and even employees. But this strategy will only work if your materials are:

  1. Noticeable. Use different shapes and colours for your material. Remember that you have to be unique. Choose the type of promotional material that can be seen by people. Do you know that fridge magnets have the lowest cost per impression? Choosing a promotional material that can be seen for 10 to 12 times a day by people is not a bad idea.
  2. Of good quality. Remember that your giveaways tell something about your business. Be sure that your materials are not faulty because it will reflect your business. Your promotional materials should be seen the way you want your companies to be seen. Long lasting promotional materials will not only give your audience the right impression of your company; such can also help you in cutting your cost.
  3. Fitted for the perfect audience. Successful businesses know their public. You can also make different kinds of promotional materials depending on your target audiences. You don’t want your promotional materials to just be junked by people. Make sure that your products are useful to your audience.

Promotional items surely help companies to make other people recognize their brand. But sometimes instead of using the promotional items, people just junk them or stock them or simply not use them. Other additional approaches that can be considered are the following:

  • Inserting of coupons. Maximize your promotional materials through coupons. Coupons are very much appreciated by people because who doesn’t love discounts? Nobody, right?
  • Inclusion of useful information. Instead of just putting your logo on your well-designed promotional material, try including informational idea to your print so that people will use your giveaways more often.

The things written above are just the basics of how you can make your promotional material an effective tool to market your company. However, we do understand that you want a more specialized approach in reaching your audiences. We are happy to say that we have an in house design service team that could solve your problem. Contact us and we will be more than happy to collaborate with you in making the best promotional item that will best suit your company.